GOODYEAR 275/60R20

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Goodyear is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world and their ability to make a great tyre is highlighted in their popularity among consumers. Their designs tick all the boxes for style, performance and durability and it's a range that definitely won't leave you asking for more. Manufactured to the highest standards, Goodyear tyres are perfectly suited for any situation and they don't compromise on performance or safety.

Goodyear is a premium manufacturer of tyres and famous worldwide and they have been making tyres ever since the automobile was invented. This longevity has made them one of the iconic tyre manufacturers in the world and they have produced some high quality tyres for a range of vehicles, including 4x4's, trucks, cars and even Formula 1 race cars. The latest attempt by Goodyear to create cutting-edge designs was their new ‘intelligent tyre' which is designed to fit any car and work on any type of road - this is an example of how sophisticated their tyres are.

What features would you commonly associate with Goodyear tyres?

In terms of performance and longevity, then there aren't many tyre manufactures that can match what Goodyear has achieved over the years, as they've produced some of the most iconic tyres in their range. Some of the features that are associated with the range include:

  • Price - the ratio of price and performance makes Dunlop the outstanding choice in terms of value for money
  • Availability - availability is usually good, with tyres available from national and regional chains, independent retailers and online fitters
  • Durability - the unique compound allows them to run a lot further and safer than some of their rivals, making them excellent value for money
  • Safety - their ultra-safe design makes handling much simpler and reduces the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions

Where can I get an affordable set of tyres?

It can be something of a rarity to find a high-quality Goodyear tyre for a reasonable price, especially when you are trying to save money wherever you can. That's where the team at can help you out, because our highly-trained mechanics can work alongside you to find the best deal available, so you can get a set of tyres that are safe and reliable. When tyres aren't maintained, it can be quite damaging for your car, as well as affecting your fuel consumption, so if you want to save money make sure you arrange a change today!

For more information about finding affordable tyres for your car, then why not get in touch with us today on 08092357000.

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Tyre Size Guide

A tyre's size is found by looking at the sequence of letters and numbers written on the tyre sidewall. For the below description we will use the example P185/55 R 15 81H

Width - The first 3 digit number (185 in example below) is your tyre width measured in millimetres.

Aspect Ratio/Profile - The next two digit number (55 in the example below) is the tyre's aspect ratio. This measurement is taken from the wheel to the outer circumference of the tyre. This number is a percentage of your tyres width. So in this example the aspect ratio is 55% of the tyres width which is 185mm.

Rim Diameter - The next two digit number is the diameter of the wheel rim measured in inches. The example below has a tyre that is 15 inches. Tyre size and dimensions.

Tyre speed rating and load index - The tyre's load index and speed rating can be found by looking at the two digit number and letter at the end of the sequence displayed on your tyre.

Load and Speed Index table

Run Flat Tyres Run flat tyres provide an extra layer of safety and are designed to be driven on for a certain distance after a tyre loses pressure. After losing tyre pressure, the driver must maintain a steady speed of no greater than 80km/h, for a maximum distance of between 50km - 80km (depending on the tyre brand).
Run Flat tyres may only be fitted onto vehicles specifically manufactured to accommodate Run Flat tyres and these vehicles always have a functional Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Typical vehicle manufacturers that utilise Run Flat tyres are BMW, MINI, Mercedes and Renault. If you currently have Run Flat tyres, you will see the letters 'RFT' written on the sidewall of your tyres. Please note - the fitting of run flat tyres should be carried out by a specialised fitment centre or Dealer.